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Workshops & Tutorials

We are happy to announce that ICVS23 will be hosting the following two workshops:

Computer vision systems for robots in agricultural applications and precision farming

Workshop website:

Robot vision is a branch of computer vision that focuses on enabling robots to perceive and understand their surroundings through visual information, addressing applications in various domains, including agriculture. Agriculture is a vital sector for human society, as it provides food, fiber, and bioenergy for the growing population. However, agriculture also faces many problems, such as labor shortage, environmental degradation, climate change, pest and disease outbreaks, and market fluctuations. To address these problems, smart agriculture has emerged as a paradigm that leverages advanced technologies to improve the efficiency, productivity, quality, and sustainability of agricultural production. Robot vision plays a key role in smart agriculture, as it can enable agricultural robots to perform various tasks autonomously and intelligently, such as crop monitoring, weed control, fruit harvesting, yield estimation, and disease detection. However, robot vision for agricultural applications also poses many challenges, such as the complexity and variability of natural scenes, the occlusion and deformation of objects of interest, the illumination and weather changes, the limited computational resources and power supply of robots, and the ethical and social implications of robot deployment. Therefore, there is a need for a scientific workshop that brings together researchers and practitioners from different disciplines and backgrounds to exchange ideas, share experiences, present findings, discuss challenges, and explore opportunities for robot vision in agricultural applications. The main objectives of this workshop are:

  • To provide a platform for showcasing the state-of-the-art research and development of robot vision for
    agricultural applications
  • To foster interdisciplinary collaboration and networking among researchers and practitioners working on
    robot vision and smart agriculture
  • To identify the current gaps and future directions for robot vision in agricultural applications

Industrial Vision Systems – IVS@ICVS2023

NOTE: This workshop unfortunately had to be cancelled

Workshop website:

Human beings are largely visual creatures – as such, it is only logical that the computer vision field and automatic image understanding has become one of the most prominent research communities within computer science. The field is predominantly oriented towards everyday applications which can be of use to the masses (e.g. self navigating vehicles, face recognition, environment understanding), however its use in industrial environments is equally important.

Progress in areas such as object recognition, 3D reconstruction, localization, anomaly detection and explainable AI is of particular importance for inspection scenarios. There, technology such as robotic vision, inline inspection, bin picking, real-time vision, cognitive vision systems, human-robot interaction, performance evaluations, vision system architectures and feedback loops enable rapid modernization of production processes, performance increase while keeping the costs the same or lower.

Industrial vision systems come with their own set of challenges making them different from everyday computer vision tasks. Therefore, the goals of this workshop are to: 1) increase the visibility of recent achievements in industrial vision systems; 2) give opportunities to present novel industrial vision achievements; 3) share experience, discuss challenges and highlight future milestones of the field.