Photography; Vienna, location of the conference

Conference Program

The conference proceedings are now available on the Springer website.


      Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Wednesday 27th, 10:30-12:00) – Session Chair: Jochen Lindermayr

      • “Dynamic Vision-based Satellite Detection: A Time-based Encoding Approach with Spiking Neural Networks”, Nikolaus Salvatore and Justin Fletcher (ID 59)
      • “A Hardware-aware Sampling Parameter Search for Efficient Probabilistic Object Detection”, Julian Höfer, Tim Hotfilter, Fabian Kreß, Chen Qiu, Tanja Harbaum and Juergen Becker (ID 37)
      • “Towards Food Handling Robots for Automated Meal Preparation in Healthcare Facilities”, Lukas Knak, Florian Jordan, Tim Nickel, Werner Kraus and Richard Bormann (ID 45)
      • “TrackAgent: 6D Object Tracking via Reinforcement Learning”, Konstantin Röhrl, Dominik Bauer, Timothy Patten and Markus Vincze (ID 53)
      • “Improving Generalization of Synthetically Trained Sonar Image Descriptors for Underwater Place Recognition”, Ivano Donadi, Emilio Olivastri, Daniel Fusaro, Wanmeng Li, Daniele Evangelista and Alberto Pretto (ID 48)
      • “A uniform distribution of landmarks for efficient map compression”, Youssef Bouaziz, Eric Royer, Michel Dhome and Guillaume Bresson (ID 21)
      • “A Novel Approach: Fourier Series Parameterization and Support Vector Machine Regression for 2D Laser SLAM with Closed Shape Features”, Olusesi Meadows, Ahmed Salawudeen and Oreofe Ajayi (ID 72)

      Performance and Robustness (Wednesday 27th, 13:30-15:00) – Session Chair: Markus Vincze

      • “Performance and Failure Cause Estimation for Machine Learning Systems in the Wild”, Xiruo Liu, Yue Niu, Furqan Khan, Pradeep Natarajan, Rinat Khaziev, Salman Avestimehr and Prateek Singhal (ID 9)
      • “Data-Free Model Extraction Attacks in the Context of Object Detection”, Harshit Shah, Aravindhan G, Pavan Kulkarni, Yuvaraj Govindarajulu and Manojkumar Parmar (ID 18)
      • “xAI-CycleGAN, a Cycle-Consistent Generative Assistive Network”, Tibor Sloboda, Wanda Benesova and Lukas Hudec (ID 65)
      • “Improving 3D Inline Computational Imaging of Textureless Objects using Pattern Illumination”, Nicholas Baraghini, Pablo Eugui, Nicole Brosch and Laurin Ginner (ID 11)
      • “Integrating Visual and Semantic Similarity Using Hierarchies for Image Retrieval”, Aishwarya Venkataramanan, Martin Laviale and Cedric Pradalier (ID 10)
      • “BEVSeg: Geometry and Data-Driven based Multi-View Segmentation in Bird’s-Eye-View”, Qiuxiao Chen, Hung-Shuo Tai, Pengfei Li, Ke Wang and Xiaojun Qi (ID 27)
      • “Descriptive Attributes for Language-based Object Keypoint Detection”, Jerod Weinman, Serge Belongie and Stella Frank (ID 60)

      Automation and Manufacturing (Wednesday 27th, 15:30-17:00) – Session Chair: Alberto Pretto

      • “Semi-Siamese Network for Robust Change Detection Across Different Domains with Applications to 3D Printing”, Yushuo Niu, Ethan Chadwick, Anson W. K. Ma and Qian Yang (ID 73)
      • “Spatial resolution metric for optimal viewpoints generation in visual inspection planning”, Vanessa Staderini, Tobias Glück, Roberto Mecca, Philipp Schneider and Andreas Kugi (ID 17)
      • “A deep learning-based object detection framework for automatic asphalt pavement patch detection using laser profiling images”, Ibrahim Hassan Syed, Susan McKeever, Kieran Feighan, David Power and Dympna O’Sullivan (ID 29)
      • “A Flexible Approach to PCB Characterization for Recycling”, Roda Alessio, Alessandro Carfì and Fulvio Mastrogiovanni (ID 31)
      • “SynthRetailProduct3D (SyRePro3D): A Pipeline for Synthesis of 3D Retail Product Models with Domain Specific Details based on Package Class Templates”, Jochen Lindermayr, Cagatay Odabasi, Markus Völk, Yitian Chen, Richard Bormann and Marco F. Huber (ID 40)
      • “Small, but important: Traffic light proposals for detecting small traffic lights and beyond”, Tom Sanitz, Christian Wilms and Simone Frintrop (ID 44)
      • “MATWI: a Multimodal Automatic Tool Wear Inspection dataset and baseline algorithms”, Lars De Pauw, Tom Jacobs and Toon Goedemé (ID 52)
      • “Mixing Domains for Smartly Picking and Using Limited Datasets in Industrial Object Detection”, Chafic Abou Akar, Anthony Semaan, Youssef Haddad, Marc Kamradt and Abdallah Makhoul (ID 6)

      Human and Hands understanding (Thursday 28th, 10:30-12:00) – Session Chair: Ehsan Yaghoubi

      • “Tracking and Identification of Ice Hockey Players”, Qiao Chen and Charalambos Poullis (ID 5)
      • “Dedicated Encoding-streams based Spatio-Temporal framework for dynamic person-independent facial expression recognition”, Mohamed Kas, Yassine Ruichek, El Merabet Youssef and Rochdi Messoussi (ID 25)
      • “Hands, Objects, Action! Egocentric 2D Hand-based Action Recognition”, Wiktor Mucha and Martin Kampel (ID 36)
      • “WiFi CSI-Based Long-Range Through-Wall Human Activity Recognition with the ESP32”, Julian Strohmayer and Martin Kampel (ID 41)
      • “PseudoDepth-SLR: Generating Depth Data for Sign Language Recognition”, Noha Sarhan, Jan M. Willruth and Simone Frintrop (ID 42)
      • “Slovo: Russian Sign Language Dataset”, Alexander Kapitanov, Karina Kvanchiani, Alexander Nagaev and Elizaveta Petrova (ID 26)
      • “Non-contact Heart Rate Monitoring: A Comparative Study of Computer Vision and Radar Approaches”, Gengqian Yang, Benjamin Metcalfe, Robert Watson and Adrian Evans (ID 50)

      Medical and Health Care & Farming and Forestry (Thursday 28th, 13:30-15:00) – Session Chair: Doris Antensteiner

      • “CFAB: An Online Data Augmentation to Alleviate the Spuriousness of Classification on Medical Ultrasound Images”, Jianhua Huang, Kuan Huang, Meng Xu and Feifei Liu (ID 43)
      • “Towards an Unsupervised GrowCut Algorithm for Mammography Segmentation”, Cristiana Moroz-Dubenco, Laura Diosan and Anca Andreica (ID 54)
      • “DeepLabV3+ Ensemble for Diagnosis of Cardiac Transplant Rejection”, Ivan Vykopal, Lukáš Hudec, Martin Květoň, Ondřej Fabián, Andrea Felšöová and Wanda Benesova (ID 62)
      • “Of Mice and Pose: 2D Mouse Pose Estimation from Unlabelled Data and Synthetic Prior”, Jose Sosa, Sharn Perry, Jane Alty and David Hogg (ID 13)
      • “SIFT-guided Saliency-based Augmentation for Weed Detection in Grassland Images: Fusing Classic Computer Vision with Deep Learning”, Patrick Schmidt, Ronja Güldenring and Lazaros Nalpantidis (ID 16)
      • “Key Point-based Orientation Estimation of Strawberries for Robotic Fruit Picking”, Justin Le Louëdec and Grzegorz Cielniak (ID 30)
      • “Residual Cascade CNN for Detection of Spatially Relevant Objects in Agriculture: The Grape-Stem Paradigm”, Georgios Zampokas, Ioannis Mariolis, Dimitrios Giakoumis and Dimitrios Tzovaras (ID 51)
      • “Improving Knot Prediction in Wood Logs with Longitudinal Feature Propagation”, Salim Khazem, Jeremy Fix and Cédric Pradalier (ID 56)