Photography; Vienna, location of the conference

Previous ICVS

13th ICVS, 202122-24 September 2021Virtual Conference
12th ICVS, 201923-25 September 2019Thessaloniki, Greece
11th ICVS, 201710-13 July 2017Shenzhen, China
10th ICVS, 20156-9 July 2015Copenhagen, Denmark
9th ICVS, 201316-18 July 2013St. Petersburg, Russia
8th ICVS, 201120-22 September 2011Sophia Antipolis, France
7th ICVS, 200912-15 October 2009Liège, Belgium
6th ICVS, 200812-14 May 2008Santorini, Greece
5th ICVS, 200721-21 March 2007Bielefeld University, Germany
4th ICVS, 20065-7 January 2006St. Johns University, Manhattan, New York,USA
3rd ICVS, 20031-3 April 2003Graz, Austria
2nd ICVS, 20017-8 July 2001Vancouver, Canada
1st ICVS, 199913-15 January 1999Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain