Photography; Vienna, location of the conference

About ICVS

The 14th International Conference on Computer Vision Systems will be held in Vienna on September 27-29, 2023 continuing a series of successful events beginning in Las Palmas, Spain, in 1999. In the meantime ICVS took place on three continents and in eleven different countries.

While most computer vision conferences focus on specific methods for experimental applications, ICVS primarily addresses issues arising in the design and deployment of comprehensive computer vision systems.

Its scope includes but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Building Vision Systems: Paradigms, architectures, integration, control
  • Real-time and Mobile Vision: Embedded systems, non-standard hardware, mobile applications
  • Vision for the Real World: Robustness, learning, adaptability, self-assessment, failure recovery
  • Vision for Action: Robotics, perception-action loops
  • Vision in Context: Context awareness, knowledge representations, reasoning, goal specification
  • Biological Vision: computer vision inspired by biology or psychology
  • Human-computer interaction: Monitoring, supervised learning, scene interpretation
  • Performance Evaluation: benchmarks, methods and metrics

ICVS brings together researchers and developers from academia and industry around the world. The perspective on systems offers a unique opportunity for sharing competence in application development and for identifying application-driven research questions.